Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Wedge Document; so what?

Allygally continues to try and make political capital here with reference to the "Wedge Document" - for example, he says:
To quote the "Wedge " document, the Discovery Instutute's battle plan, available here ...

"Design theory promises to reverse the stifling dominance of the materialist worldview, and to replace it with a science consonant with Christian and theistic convictions."

The aim of IDers is not just to replace the dominant theory of evolution, the neo-Darwinist synthesis, which currently holds. It is to replace the whole modern and enlightened edifice of reason and logic and replace it with "Christian and theistic convictions", i.e. religion if you are a religious person, superstition if you know better.
He manages to sway the easily impressionable:
I confess that I hadn't read the Wedge document. Thanks for that tip, I'm just looking at it now.

Bloody Hell...are these guys for real? Obviously I have a lot of catching up to do.
I have not taken much notice until now, because I don't think it's terribly sinister - I agree with much of the agenda it sets out - I think that materialism is culturally destructive, and needs to be responded to. I do that as I tell people the gospel, and also in reflecting what I consider to be a more positive and holistic perspective in my writing.

But just for the sake of anyone who might think this is a great creationist conspiracy, I think it would be sensible to point out that you don't have to dig out the text of the Wedge document in obscure places where copies have been hidden safely out of reach of the grasping claws of the coming theocracy - you can get it direct from the Discovery Institute itself. Here's a link. Not only do they include the text of the document, but for good measure, they also explain why it was written, what it means, and they point out that far from being a secret conspiracy, their programme for challenging materialism and its legacies is public. I would draw your attention to the section starting half way down page 3.