Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Blue on blue", again

I have kept on listening to Leigh Nash's dulcet tones for several days, and I've come to the conclusion that I was probably excessively harsh in my criticisms (even though they were actually not that harsh at all ...).

The two general criticisms still stand - first, that the album was tagged as "religious" when it frankly isn't - unless singing about a permanent relationship these days counts as religious, in which case "Prettiest Eyes" by The Beautiful South would also qualify. (Incidentally, do go and read the lyrics - they are fantastic, and completely not what you'd expect from pop/rock.)

Aaaaanyway, the other criticism is that some of the words are clichéd. And they are. I'm really sorry, Leigh (in the unlikely event that you ever come here), but "My Idea of Heaven" still irritates me.

But if you are going to sing clichés, then at least sing your own clichés - which is what Leigh does. A lot of the rubbish in the market is people singing clichés other people have written - most bands don't even have the imagination to write their own clichés. And let's face it, life is sometimes clichéd. There's nothing inherently wrong with writing or singing songs like that - although you might be concerned if somebody never got beyond clichés.

On the more unequivocally positive side, the words of the non-clichéd songs have grown on me. They are good poetry, I think; they do make imaginative use of language. Here's an extract:
Between the lines
Can you read me?
Between the lines
That's where I'll be
Between hello and
I would give you the moon
Between I love you and I
I'll see you soon
And there is pain as well, contrary to what I said when all I could see was the clichés:
It's a cold, cold night are you going to call me
And tell me about how I go on and on about you
Being like you used to be
And how it's all about me

Oooh I would like to know
Who is the wounded one
Which one will make the move
Which one is willing to lose.
And to finish with, the spine-tingling, simple words from the end of the album:
I will sing to you
When the road sings me to sleep
Baby you stay with me
And I will give you songs you can keep
So amended advice. If you are thinking of buying this, do. But then buy the Sixpence None the Richer albums as well.

UPDATE: You can hear "Ocean Size Love" (which I recommend), "Along the Wall" and "My Idea of Heaven" (which I don't), and see the video for "My Idea of Heaven" on Leigh Nash's Myspace.