Wednesday, January 31, 2007

500,000,000 cups...

... of food to the hungry. This is my home page. In the event that you've not seen it before, the idea is that you click on the "Help Feed the Hungry" bar in the centre of the screen, and the advertisers whose adverts you then see pay "The Hunger Site" for the privilege of showing them to you, and "The Hunger Site" then uses that money to buy food to give to hungry people. Obviously, the advertisers hope that they will attract your attention sufficiently that you will then click through to them - but this isn't required.

There are sister sites on tabs -you can click to raise money for mammograms, child health, literacy programmes, animal rescue and preserving the rainforest. Only one click per day will be registered per computer. But basically, this is a way of raising funds for worthy causes at the expense of no more than a few seconds of your time.

The Hunger Site currently has its sights on an aggregate donation of 500,000,000 cups of food.