Thursday, October 14, 2004

Why exiled?

Groggs - General Purpose Reverse Ordered Gossip Gathering System - is the mother of all bulletin boards. Actually probably not, but it was certainly one of the few things that made a sojourn "up" in Cambridge worthwhile to a comprehensive lad with ideas above his station. Yes, dear reader, I was PF101. However, since I graduated, my access to "real" computers has been limited, and I don't have the wherewithall to run the bits and pieces that will allow me back. And it gives a fascinating edge of exclusion to the handle I have chosen for this blog.

Incidentally, should anybody who really has anything to do with Groggs happen to wander across this blog by virtue of the power of Google, I was intrigued to read how closely key dates in the history of Groggs corresponded with my time there. Also, tears were nearly brought to my eye at the thought of near-forgotten phenomena such as AG109, the XEAGLE delta function and GROAN. Incidentally, if anybody knows where I can get hold of a tidy PC-runnable version of GROAN, I'd appreciate it - weather forecasts and reviews haven't been the same since I lost access to my GROAN WITH WEATHER and GROAN WITH PSEUD. They've meant something, for a start.

This will be complete drivel to about 99.5% of the potential readers.

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Sandtreader said...

Please contact your local Groggs consulate:

Groggs Exile Rescue Services