Thursday, October 21, 2004

Explain this

Supposing that there was somebody on the point of being appointed to a position of significant authority who said that he found the idea of Christianity morally repugnant. Would we be shocked by that? Would we make a fuss about it? Would we expect the media to take any notice? Would we get to hear about it at all?

Well, there is a certain Italian European Commissioner. He doesn't say that. He says that homosexuality is a sin. Not a crime, a sin. Not something that should be punished by the state, but something that is offensive to God. He also says that:
  • he can't change his convictions for political expediency (which I think demonstrates integrity);
  • he would not allow his personal beliefs to affect the execution of his office.
And yet he's put under huge pressure to resign. Barroso, the head of the commission, is put under pressure to reshuffle. MEP's say they will veto the entire commission unless there is a change.

How tolerant we are in Western Europe of religious convictions. NOT!

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The Insane Realist said...

Religious convictions are based on thousands of years old lies, would you follow the moral code of shiva or the the indian "animal spirits" that say having sex with children is morally sanctioned right of the "great spirit" creator?

People who base their morality on lies and delusions should not in office at all. Religious are lies and have been demonstrably shown to be so. Mathew 8 and Jesus casting out non-existent demons, who today would most likely be diagnosed with some kind of mental illness, goes on to prove once and for all religion and it's authoritative source text is ultimately bogus. A sham! We can't be tolerant of people who are willingly ignorant, its like tolerating flat earthers, its absurd to tolerate someone who bases his moral convictions on a book that alleges a contradiction that the earth is flat, and that demons cause disease and must be "cast out".

The other problem is inconsistency in christian thought, the bible claims through and through that god can't lie, if god can't lie he can't "Reveal" truths fairy tales or fictional stories because there is no basis for trusting in such a god, you couldn't distinguish fiction and fictional gods from the real deal.

Take the god wars for instance, Islam versus christianity, versus any other monotheistic religion that believes in a supreme god like being but who's writings are in contradiction of the others.

Religious tolerance is not a virtue, it's every rational beings right to stamp out old world ignorance based on our lies of our ancestors who were so unbelievably dumb they would believe anything in such a nightmarish world in the hopes they would live again. It's not about truth it's about survival instinct overriding all reason in a hopeless nightmarish world full of stupid animal beasts.