Sunday, October 17, 2004

Some links

What do you have bookmarked? I'm sure you can tell a lot about people from the websites that they have bookmarked. Actually, a lot of people don't even know that you can bookmark pages to come back to. Hint: use CTRL-D - and then the website appears on your list of favourites. And while you are at it, get rid of all the junk that your ISP put there because it wants to get you to use its products.

OK. So what have I got under "Apologetics" - the first heading?
The Bible gateway - the Bible online - a good place if you need a verse or more in a wide variety of translations and languages.
Debate topics apologetic - The website is a set of resources relating to the Muslim-Christian debate, and the page referenced here contains a list of "contradictions" in the Bible, which are countered.
Discovery Institute - Center - this is the Discovery Institute in Seattle (I think), who are pushing ahead the Intelligent Design program, and making waves in the science community.
Facing the Challenge Training Course - this is a course for Christians who want to understand and do something about the challenge of our times. There are also a large number of articles that cast a Christian eye over culture and other things.
The Panda's Thumb - a bulletin board/blogsite basically dedicated to advancing the cause of evolutionism. Go here if you want to argue with somebody - or more realistically some dozen people - about evolution. However, if you aren't a scientist, or aren't very thick-skinned, you may be better off staying away - they don't take prisoners here .....
The Biblical Creation Society - this is kind of the opposite of the Panda's Thumb, without the interaction - a creationist website, with some solid and credible scientific stuff.

A couple of other "apologetic" bits and pieces, that aren't bookmarked:
The Biotic Message - a pretty heavy book (it reads like a PhD thesis) that answers the question "Why are we here?"
After the Flood - a less heavy creationist book, which seems well-researched and historical, outlining the history of human races following the Genesis flood. I don't know how solid the credentials of this book are, but it makes for an interesting read, and the entire text is available on-line.


Bec said...

I have yours and Simon's blogs bookmarked... dunno what that says about me!

Anne said...

So do I! And Bec's.And Andrew and Cora's.