Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Street music

This post from the Witts reminded me of an experience we had. We were shopping when we only had one child (who was therefore less than 20 months old), but that one child was not happy - in fact, she had been making a loud fuss steadily for several minutes. In the street, a group of musicians were playing some fairly funky/folky/skiffly/Irish music - it wasn't easy to categorise. Anyway, our child was fascinated, and stopped making a fuss. So I stood there with her, listening to the music, whilst Liz finished the shopping. And then went and bought a cassette from them.

Some time after we got onto the Internet, it struck me that they were probably on it somewhere - and I found them after a short search. They had also progressed technologically, and I was able to buy copies of their CD's - which were just as much fun as the cassette had been.

The band was The Huckleberries. The cassette was "Live in the Garden". The CD's were "Reelgrass" and "Jigweed". And I see they have a new one now, called "Incahoots".