Monday, December 12, 2005

Seven things

From Tom

Seven things to do before I die (as the seconds tick away – tick, tock, tick tock [Bill Bailey])

1. Visit Patagonia
2. Write a novel
3. Play in an orchestra again
4. Plant a church
5. Become bilingual
6. See U2 in concert
7. Influence people

Seven things I cannot do

1. Sleep with somebody I’m not married to.
2. Play any sport at international level.
3. Play golf at any level.
4. Harm my children.
5. Say anything good about “The Family at One End Street” - the most tedious book I have ever read in my life.
6. Live my life again.
7. Put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Seven things that I like in my spouse/significant other/parents (apply in that order – unofficial expansion, for the sake of democracy and to get some revealing answers out of people who don’t have spouses)

1. She’s still here.
2.She will keep going when I run out of steam.
3.She likes me rubbing her back.
4.She understands me – and doesn’t give up in disgust.
5.Most of the time, she puts up with the fact that I don’t have the same awareness of when the house is untidy as she does.
6.She values what I value.
7.She looks lovely.

Seven things I say most often

1. Are you ready yet? (to the children)
2. Speed checked (– and similar – sorry, it’s a work thing)
3. My name’s Paul Fernandez and I’m your captain (work again)
4. Whereabouts do you live?
5. What did you do before you (do what you are doing now)?
6. What do you need me to do?
7. I just want to ....

Seven books (or series) I love (Bible not included)

1. Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling. Actually doesn’t really deserve first spot – good stories, but I think that most other entries on this list have changed my life, and I don’t think Harry has.
2. Lake Wobegon Days (plus spin-offs) by Garrison Keillor
3. Sophie’s World (... and if you can throw in the rest of the Jostein Gaarder collection, especially “Through a Glass Darkly” [even though I’m not sure I could bring myself to read it again – it is just too intense] that would be cool)
4. Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome
5. Francis Schaeffer Trilogy (The God who is There, He is There and He is not Silent, Escape from Reason)
6. The Dorling Kindersley series “Animal” “Earth” “Weather” “Universe” etc.
7. Darwin’s Black Box by Michael Behe

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time)

1. Annie Hall
2. The Lord of the Rings
3. The Matrix
4. Minority Report
5. The Emperor’s New Groove
6. Lilo and Stitch
7. Dead Poets’ Society

Seven people I want to join in, too

This is tricky – most bloggers I know have already been hit by others – well, Tom, to be precise. So I’ll have to e-point various people who don’t have blogs to this post. If you want to set up a blogsite, then one way of doing it is to register at – they will host a blogsite for you free.


PS - I know it's cheating, but two/four more people - Rob/Vanessa and Jonathan/Amanda (except they've probably done it already)