Friday, October 07, 2005

Not Quite Me - Tess Wiley

"Another day gone.
Another sun I was frightened to see – a spotlight on me.
This stage is much too big for me."
Now that’s poetic imagery that only a teenager can write.
Such pathetic chemistry turning blessing into plight.

We all cry for something more,
but we stop just short of heaven’s door.
Somewhere right outside the lines that I’m drawn to be.
It’s not quite me.

The ground keeps turning.
One day the tears are a pity to cry.
You want to start learning how to keep them in your eyes.
The years I’ve wasted feigning self-sufficiency.
The weaker the better – there’s more room for God in me.

Another year gone.
Just singing the old songs time and again.
A little bit surer of the person I have been,
and who I will be when each song is through with me.
A little bit clearer – all the things that I’m supposed to see.

Another year gone.
Another lesson learned.

I love this song - in fact, I liked it so much, I bought the album (as one does - electronically, using iTunes, since it isn't available in non-virtual form in the UK). You can listen to the whole song on myspace, here. Tess's website is here.

At risk of doing the hateful thing of talking about people entirely in relationship to other people or things they have done, I found the song because Tess sang on "This Beautiful Mess" by Sixpence None The Richer - which is probably one of my top five albums of all time (pretty good, considering I'm not sure it has ever been available in the UK). Then I noticed her name when I found Leigh Nash's space on myspace. So I thought, "Well, where did Tess go next?" So I got to hear this in Tess's myspace. Thanks for writing and playing it, Tess - and for permission to post it here. It's lovely.