Tuesday, October 18, 2005

City of Blinding Lights

It's gratifying and occasionally disturbing how children adopt their parents' values. In all sorts of ways, we have to think about the way we present information - even about how we have discussions with one another. I am grateful to my parents for not seeking to indoctrinate me in any matters - particularly religious or political - though it really staggers me now how similar my opinions are to those of my own dad.

My son has almost completely taken on board my appreciation of U2 - as have the two girls, to a lesser extent. To begin with, I think it was just a family thing - "Who are your favourite band?" he would ask his friends, to which, if the reply was "Busted" or similar, he would say, "We like U2. They're much better than Busted, aren't they, dad?" However, it took more of a life of its own - he has his own particular favourites. And when he produced a picture on the computer - a very hard medium to work with for anybody to work with! - I realised that his own appreciation of U2 was no longer the same as mine.

I love it - more than just dad's love of his child's work - I really think it conveys something of the imagery of a "city of blinding lights". I've encouraged him to put it on his own blogsite, and to do some more - though as he then pointed out to me, it's a bit harder to do one based on "Sometimes you can't make it on your own" - his suggestions on the matter, if he is able to realise them, will also be interesting ....

P.S. 200 posts! 3000 visits! Only about 1000 by me! "Thanks for hanging around."