Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Some, two, three, fourteen" redux

You may remember a while ago I wrote a post querying why Bono at the start of "Vertigo" should count like this.

I just undertook some research, and came across this spine-tingling theory here -

let me offer a new theory on the count off...

"unos" is latin for "about", "dos" refers to the 2nd book of the bible - exodus, and 3,14 is the chapter and verse. bono begins by saying this album is "about exodus 3:14" - "god said to moses, "i am who i am."

the album also ends with yahweh. everything begins and ends with "i am".
There was always more to them than met the eye - theistic subliminal messages ???!!!

Also found this interview with Bono on U2station about what rock music is for.

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