Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election day

BBC exit polls suggest a Labour majority of 66 seats - about 10% - down by 100 seats. A better parliament, but not good enough. I wasn't the only person hoping for a hung parliament - sure they are unstable and don't last, but the idea that decisions would have to be made by securing an element of consensus rather than simply on the back of a majority that could even put up with a serious backbench revolt was very appealing.

More people seem to have taken seriously the need to vote this year - perhaps it's just the people I talk to, but most people have talked about the fact that the rights of citizens in a democracy are valuable, and not to be disdained.

Anyway, I have an early start, so I won't be watching the great BBC "swingometer" - see the BBC News website for more details. By the time I go to work tomorrow morning, I expect the fat lady to be well into her aria.

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