Monday, May 07, 2007

Online quizzes ...

... what's the point?

The main point, I assume, is a bit of fun. However, I think they have slightly more substance than the average, space-filler quiz in a magazine - "Which Doctor Who monster are you most like? Are you a morning or an evening person?"

Take the quiz the results of which I posted below. A commenter, Srdjan, rightly points out that many questions are "loaded" and often quite superficial. And yet ....

How would I choose a church, if I arrived in a new place? Work from the bottom of the list up. I wouldn't even try one of the bottom three on the list - whilst I know Christians in all three sorts of churches, the systematic problems with the three groups (as I see it) would discourage me from even visiting them. The next two up I would also have quite a lot of problems with, but I would start to find myself having a lot more time for certain aspects of what they say.

I would struggle with a church that identified itself as having a "fundamentalist" position, although most of the individual things they believed I could live with. I don't know what "neo orthodox" is, and I suppose that if I'd had to pick a label without knowing the content of the quiz, I'd have gone for "reformed evangelical" first - but the spread over the top three is only 7%, so they are hardly widely separated positions.

As it happens, I would have a great deal of difficulty going to anything labelled "methodist" - despite the fact that the local methodist church has a good reputation. I remember doing door-to-door work when I was a teenager. So many people would say "Sorry, but I'm methodist" as an excuse not to talk about Christianity that I was turned off methodism for life.

So the answers did make visible to me some things about what I believe in a more organised way than I would perhaps previously have seen.