Monday, May 14, 2007

Cutabaria decides ...

I mentioned Nation States below, with my new country. Each day, I am presented with a new issue, which my government is supposed to react to. Here is today's:
Several major city streets were clogged with bicycles this morning, as the environmental group 'Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad' staged a protest. Several hundred riders ambled through downtown streets, blissfully ignoring the torrent of abuse hurled at them by thousands of motorists running late for work.

The Debate
"People are sick of dirty, smelly automobiles," said protest organizer Sue-Ann Steele. "They're choking the city, the environment--our lives! Cars must be banned!" Agree?

"The only thing people are sick of is long-haired idiots riding their bicycles at two miles an hour on major thoroughfares," says committed motorist May Shiomi. "People shouldn't be able to protest like this. The government needs to crack down on them." Agree?

The Automotive Manufacturers Association, meanwhile, has called for government support. "It's clear that we need to boost the level of automobile support in this country. This protest this morning is a clear indication of... um... anyway, we need more government funds." Agree?

The government has yet to formalize a position on this issue.

If you wish, you may simply dismiss this issue.
I should point out that is an ingenious means of marketing a book called "Jennifer Government" by Max Barry. I don't know how successful it is - I haven't (yet) bought the book - but it's certainly ingenious.

For another successful internet marketing strategy (well, I bought this one) go here.