Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hoax of Dodos

More detail about the post below ... and yes, my copy of Alberts et al. "Molecular Biology of the Cell" does indeed have a diagram "After Haeckel", and it says of the diagram: "The early stages are closely similar".


guthrie said...

Funnily enough I picked up a copy of that a few years ago. Its the third edition published in 1994. I hardly think it is an up to date textbook, although most of the basics will be right. So given that, which page is it on?
I can't find mention of it anywhere?

guthrie said...

Purely by chance, I was sucked into an Oxfam second hand book shop today, (by the mass of all these books...) and it had a first edition of "the molecular biology of the cell". It did have a set of drawing marked "after Haeckel", although I didn't have time to read all the text.