Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hours per degree

So people on different courses do different amounts of work? Well, how amazing!

For the record, on my CompSci degree, we had four hours of lectures six days a week, 9 am to 1 pm. We also had two 2-hour practicals in the afternoons. That's 28 hours of scheduled work per week. In addition to that, we had projects that we had to work in, and programming course work. I see the medical student started at 10 am. No such luck for us. In large measure, we simply ended up skipping the 9 am lecture.... Natural Science Part I entailed a similar workload - I think we had three practicals, rather than 2, but on two days a week, we only had 3 hours of lectures. I still remember the regular dash down Tennis Court Road from the Old Museums Site to the Chemistry Department at 11 am - 300 cyclists in tight formation.

In the meantime, there were rumours that the Land Economy course at the same university involved just 2 hours of lectures a week. That made the student newspaper at the time.

My nephew has timetabled (I believe) 7 hours lectures per week on his English degree.