Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just a quick link ....

... to an interview with philosopher Del Ratzsch. I have a lot of sympathy with much of what he says about Evolutionism/Creationism/ID.
It seems to me that some of the design issues are too important to let heat trump light, which has undeniably been part of the story to this point, and that the vitriol from both sides is an index of that importance. There are few matters that go deeper than the nature of human cognition, the nature of the reality we inhabit, naturalism/theism questions, and so forth. So I have wanted to try to wrestle some of those issues to the ground. I don't think I've completely managed that at this point, but that is hardly a unique position - at least as I see it, no one else has either. And besides all that, I just find the issues fascinating.
(HT Telic Thoughts)

This interview also provided more motivation for going to read books by Alvin Plantinga. But that, along with more interesting posts, will have to wait.