Monday, August 14, 2006

How did the Giraffe get its neck?

... and other Just-So stories ...

The Discovery Institute have a link to a paper written by Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig on this issue, challenging (gasp!) Richard Dawkins and (gasp!gasp!) TalkOrigins.

They also have a link to an article called "A Mathematician's View of Evolution", written by Granville Sewell, a mathematician at the University of Texas El Paso. He says:
When Dr. Behe was at the University of Texas El Paso in May of 1997 to give an invited talk, I told him that I thought he would find more support for his ideas in mathematics, physics and computer science departments than in his own field. I know a good many mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists who, like me, are appalled that Darwin's explanation for the development of life is so widely accepted in the life sciences.
... something I have also said on various occasions in discussions about evolution, but without much support.

Neither of these papers were written by the "usual suspects".