Saturday, January 28, 2006

Norman Kember

A new video has been released by the captors of Norman Kember. Don't forget about him, and the other hostages. His family can't.

He was there on behalf of Christian Peacemaker Teams - more detail here. This organisation has nothing to do with the British and US forces - as has been made clear by all sorts of organisations - both Christian and Muslim - who have made representations to groups who might be able to influence the kidnappers. The question is whether the kidnappers are prepared to listen to reason and show compassion - what threat can a 74-year old grandfather really pose to them? - or whether they simply want to appal the rest of the world with acts of callous violence.

Liz has been following this with concern because Norman Kember was one of the lecturers who gave her the opportunity to do an MSc in Medical Physics. It's not often that people who become famous are also people that have had a direct influence in your own life.