Friday, January 20, 2006

Four things

From Jon.

Four Jobs I Have Had:

Washing up in airport restaurant
Working at Strong River Camp in Pinola, Mississippi
Working on tidal modelling software with Posford Duvivier
Working on flight simulator software with Rediffusion

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

The Lord of the Rings
Minority Report
Annie Hall
The Emperor’s New Groove

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over:

Swallows and Amazons books
Charlie and Lola books
Winnie the Pooh books
Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy (The God who is There, He is There and He is not Silent, Escape from Reason)

Four Places I Have Lived:

Northolt, UK
Haywards Heath, UK
Cambridge, UK
Caterham, UK

Four TV Shows I Watch:

Well, I don’t, really. I suppose I’ve watched an episode of ...
Life on Mars, which looks quite good. I’ll watch ...
Equinox and ...
Horizon if they are on.
University Challenge, if I have nothing else to do.

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation (thus displaying the American origins of this tag game:

Northeast Italy
The Lake District
Florianópolis, Brazil
Toronto, Canada

Four Websites I Visit Daily (just about): (have to – I’m the administrator)

Four Favourite Foods:

Roast dinner
Simnel cake
Nepali food

Four Places I’d Like To Be Right Now:

Happiness is a path, not a destination.
But ...
The Lake District

Four people to tag:


Last time was hardly a resounding success. So if you read this, and wish to consider yourself tagged, post a comment to that effect!!