Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leak of sensitive information!

There was shock yesterday when a list of names, telephone numbers and addresses were unveiled at a press conference. The press conference was called by a security firm, to highlight security vulnerabilities of which the general public might not have been aware.

"Obtaining such information was child's play!" exclaimed Mr Sturmin Ticup. "All we had to do was photocopy pages of a telephone directory - something even the lowest grade manager could learn to do in no more than a few days. In fact, we could have brought the whole telephone directory, except it didn't fit in my briefcase." He added that it also contained phone numbers for various businesses, which could be very useful for people who wished to mischievously ring them up and annoy them.

We showed some of the sheets of sensitive information to a Mrs H. Trellis, who was walking past at the end of the conference. "I'm personally appalled at how easy it is to get hold of this sort of sensitive information," she said, when asked a leading question. "I'm ex-directory, but think how easy it would have been for my own phone number to be in there if that wasn't the case!"

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