Sunday, March 28, 2010

Electric cars for sale in the UK

If people can give me links to other electric cars for sale, I'll include them in this table. Cars should be available for purchase now - I know there are several others that are planned to appear later in the year.

As a suburbanite, what I am interested in is a car that will seat 5, with a range in excess of 60 miles, and a top speed of at least 60 mph.

NamePriceRangeTop SpeedCharge time
G-Wiz iFrom £8995Up to 48 miles51 mph2.5 hrs 80%
Citroen C1 ev'ieFrom £1986060-75 miles60 mph6 hours
Mega City 2 SeaterFrom £12684Up to 60 miles40 mph5-8 hours
Sakura Maranello4From £9950Up to 45 miles30 mph6-8 hours
ZeCarPOAUp to 100 milesUp to 56 mph8-16 hours
MyCarFrom £1049530-60 milesUp to 38 mph5 hours
Tesla Roadster£100000?236 miles125 mph3.5 hours

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