Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The response to Berlinski, Witt and Wiker ...

... from the anti-ID community, is interesting.

Basically, there isn't one.

These are two of the most telling books written from a pro-ID perspective. "The Devil's Delusion" by David Berlinski - with the pointed reference to Dawkins in the title, and which dismantles the arguments of Pinker, Gould, Dawkins and many others - seems to have escaped the attention of Panda's Thumb, and a search on Google garners very little in the way of critical reviews. The same goes for "A Meaningful World" by Jonathan Witt and Benjamin Wiker - no comment from Panda's Thumb.

Why is that, then? Are these the books that opponents of ID would just rather pretend didn't exist? ITWSBT