Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Expelled from Expelled

Richard Dawkins gatecrashed a preview of the movie "Expelled", which apparently features ... er, Richard Dawkins ... and is about the thought control being exercised in US universities. P.Z. Myers didn't manage to.

These two facts have set the blogosphere ablaze over the last week or so, apparently.

I have nothing really to add other than "Why?", so here's a quote from the "Evolution News and Views" commentary instead.
... is limiting the attendance at the pre-screening of an admittedly partisan movie by its creators to invitees only really the same thing as throwing professors out of their academic jobs for having beliefs at odds with the prevailing orthodoxy in their particular discipline--particularly when the institutions engaging in the heave-ho make so much of their respect for academic freedom?

Let's just say the question answers itself