Saturday, December 01, 2007

Benediction - John Donne

John Donne has cropped up twice this week. Firstly with enthusiasm from a student friend on Facebook, and secondly at the wedding of an old school friend, read by his father. I've come to the conclusion that I haven't read enough of him.

Here's the poem read at the wedding.

Blest pair of swans, O may you interbring
Daily new joys, and never sing ;
Live, till all grounds of wishes fail,
Till honour, yea, till wisdom grow so stale,
That new great heights to try,
It must serve your ambition, to die ;
Raise heirs, and may here, to the world's end, live
Heirs from this king, to take thanks, you, to give.
Nature and grace do all, and nothing art ;
May never age or error overthwart
With any west these radiant eyes, with any north
this heart.
With love and best wishes to Oliver and Malgorzata.