Monday, May 11, 2015

A quick quiz

1. How many votes does it take to elect an MP? 
a) 26,000
b) 299,000
c) 4,000,000
2. What percentage of voters had their vote effectively ignored in the general election?
a) 32%
b) 49.9999%
c) 63%
3. What percentage of MPs would have been different if a PR system had been used?
a) 4%
b) 14%
c) 24%
Ultimately, it would be incorrect to say the system is undemocratic. But it is certainly not representative. Answers below ...
How many votes does it take to elect an MP? It depends which party you are talking about. If you divide the number of votes cast for a party by the number of seats obtained, then in the SNP's case you get 26000 votes per seat, in the LibDem's case 299,000 and in UKIP's case about 4,000,000.
The main beneficiaries of FPTP are, unsurprisingly, the parties that are the largest in the commons - Labour, SNP, Conservative. So don't expect reform to happen any time soon.
63% of voters had their votes ignored in the election, in that they voted for an unsuccessful candidate.
Under PR, 24% of the 650 MPs - around 150 - would have been from different parties.

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