Tuesday, June 12, 2007

David Byrne again

He has some interesting things to say on his blog about changes in British society since his mother emigrated from the UK, presumably after the war. I think it's also interesting that he is still listening to what she has to say. It may not seem cool, but it's pretty important.

The image is from "Change the World for a Fiver", and can be found here.

He (David Byrne, that is) also has some thoughtful things to say about the clash between traditional and metropolitan morality. I suppose it's not surprising that somebody who could devise a "celebration of normalness" in True Stories, and write This Must Be The Place should not be unequivocally libertarian - but it's always warming when you find that people you admire for one thing can be admired for other things as well.
To me it seems that the ideas of the enlightenment have resonated out and are now tearing the world apart as they come into contact with traditional cultures, whether in Colorado or Lahore.