Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick update

A pile of reading-related posts ought to appear at some stage - but I need a while to muster my thoughts and type them out ....

In the meantime, some reaction to the interview questions I asked Tom and Jon below. Firstly, thanks both for the replies. Secondly, interesting that the reaction of both was that the questions are "hard". I think what you mean by that (since I experienced the same thing) is that the answers required some thought. Most posts don't require thought in the same way, I believe - they reflect people's state of mind and in many cases almost write themselves. But responding to somebody else's questions in a formal way isn't a process that we often carry out.

Jon described the interview as the "Paul Fernandez show", which was a neat title. But the value of carefully chosen questions is that they don't focus on the interviewer, but the interviewee - and I hope I managed to do that.

Miss Mellifluous asks if I have missed my vocation. Well, Mell, the pattern for my questions was really pretty much that of the questions you asked me - I am doing no more than reflecting you! But regarding my vocation, I don't know what it is - if you have any clues, do tell!

And I'm still happy to ask other people questions, if they want an interviewer. It's fun, though not as easy as it sounds. However, Tom is also looking for candidates ....