Sunday, October 08, 2006

Frappr - hit me!

Currently, on my Frappr map, I have pins from:
- UK
- Canada
- United States (including Hawaii!)
- France
- Germany (though only through MySpace)

Hardly a large cross-section of the countries of the world. But I have had visits from many places. In the last 100 hits alone (courtesy of sitemeter), I have had visits from India, Australia, the Netherlands and Norway.

Just for the sheer fun of it, it would be great to see whether I can get a pin from every country in the world. If you know anybody in a country not yet pinned and think they would not consider it harrassment to be asked, please let them know, and let's see whether I can notch up any more.

Don't feel that, if your country has a pin already, you can't add one as well.