Thursday, June 01, 2006

"The Wild"

Madagascar (New York Zoo, animals adapting to a wild environment) meets Finding Nemo (dad looking for son but unable to cope with the wild himself; son coming of age), with a bit of Ice Age 2 (Koala rather than weasel being idolised by Wildebeests rather than ... er, what was it? Dodos?) thrown in for good measure. Mostly harmless. Children will like it. Adults will have seen it all before. That's about it.

It's really uncanny how some of these film studios seem to be mind-locked together. Finding Nemo versus Shark Tale, Madagascar versus The Wild. What gives?

Best line - whilst stalling for time - "Er, what about the ... Party Hats ... of death?"

Most disturbing subplot - a squirrel infatuated with a giraffe. Sufficient grounds on its own to close down every zoo in the world.