Monday, April 03, 2006

Busy times

The drier on the washer/drier has stopped working. The baking tin in the breadmaker keeps popping up and stopping the bread from being mixed. The element in one of the ovens broke. The main computer packed in. The boiler stopped working, meaning we have no hot water or heating. All in the space of a couple of weeks. Do you think you could email us some hot water?

In addition, a friend came and stayed with us on his way to Ghana, and another family intends to stay this coming weekend. In addition, the builders on whom we have been waiting for over a year rang last Thursday and said they were ready to start work on our extension - and turned up with equipment on Friday. In addition, I've taken three meetings at our church in 8 days.

The oven is now fixed (I hope!) - I replaced the element with one I got from somebody on eBay. A boiler engineer has been to look at the boiler, and has ordered some more parts (though it looks as though we'll be without water for most of the week - I really hope we'll have it fixed before this other family turns up!!). Most of the computer functionality has been backed onto two other computers.

Some months are easy: some months are harder.