Sunday, February 05, 2006

In haste

Not much time for posting last week, and I can't see that changing this week, either - not even time to interact with the discussion on the previous post (43 comments! A record!). I will get back to it - there are a couple of very important threads to the discussion that will continue my journey into ID and evolution.

In the meantime, let me just post a link to Telic Thoughts, who have a post about labelling and propaganda, which covers familiar ground from a new angle.

I also wanted to re-emphasise the undisputed point made below - darwinism (the naturalistic explanation of how life develops) insists that it doesn't explain abiogenesis (the explanation of how life appeared). I'm not advocating a "God of the gaps" argument, but the fact that darwinism doesn't explain something that requires explanation (and which I would argue that "the man in the street" assumes it does explain) is significant.