Monday, April 25, 2005

A poem for the business traveller

This poem dates back a few years. It represents what I guess is the universal experience of the business traveller who has better things to do with his time than sit in a hotel. For the record, it was inspired by what was the Hospitality Inn (now the Thistle) in Cambridge Street, Glasgow. They now have a Thompson's Directory as well.

Hotel Room

Someone tried so hard to make me fe
el at home in this concrete box. Co
mfortable furniture carefully colou
r-coordinated. Pictures with no con
text drawing attention to the aesth
etically sterile walls. A Gideon Bi
ble and a phone directory to read.
Complimentary tea, coffee and shamp
oo. But no voices apart from murmur
s through the walls and stirrings i
n the street seven floors below. On
e other voice would make a differen
ce, but that isn't free.

It costs 23p
including VAT
per unit.

23p per unit would be good value for a hotel phone these days.

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